Sale new stock clothes Adidas, Nike, Puma. March 2017

Stock sportswear Puma, Nike, Adidas  brands.

Made in Cambodia.

The sale is in Phnom Penh.

The clothes are new and all of the goods are personally selected.
1. What are the sportswear brands?

Sport Stock man, woman and children’s wear Adidas, Puma, Nike.

Below are a few random clothes.


dav  davSwimming trunks-004Swimming trunks-014Kids-085Kids-069



jacket-006 jacket-020


2. What are the prices and bulk? 

The whole bulk has 4000 units. The wholesale cost of 1 unit is $ 3-6.


3. Is it possible to buy  a less amount then 4000 items, what costs and where you can see the catalog?

Yes. The catalog is here Sale new clothes Adidas, Nike, Puma (Microsoft Cloud)  or Sale new clothes Adidas, Nike, Puma (Yandex Cloud) .

You can see that after the folder name there are 2 digits,

These digits represented the following:

The first digit represents the wholesale cost.

The second digit means the retail price.


For example, a folder named, man T-shirts  6-8$. 

This means that wholesale price is $6 for buying all specimens from the folder and $8 retail cost.


4. What is means retail?

Retail — buying clothes from 100 to 1000 $. Up to $ 100, we do not sell goods.

The purchase more than $ 1000 you can buy at wholesale cost (see clause 3).


5. In which countries do you make delivery?

In all countries. There are “special” delivery  schemes to Thailand and Vietnam


Our Contacts

+85598228860 Tina

+85598228861 (Viber, WhatsUp) John

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