Prepare invitation and obtaining a business visa to Cambodia

Need to provide the following documents for obtaining Cambodian business visa in Cambodian Embassy

  • Invitation letter/offer of employment/employment contract

  • Latest year Company Tax Patent issued by the ministry of commerce of Cambodia (color printed)
  • Company registration license  (Certificate of Incorporation) in Cambodia (color printed)
  • Requesting letter of Company in Cambodia to Cambodia Embassy  for details purpose of employment (color printed)
  • Bank statement last 3 months of the applicant

This is a general list of documents that are needed to obtain a business visa at the Cambodian Embassy.

You must provide to us a complete list of documents that are required by the specific Cambodian embassy, which you will apply to obtain a business visa at a given time.

For example, this package of documents is required by the Cambodian Embassy in Thailand

And the Cambodian embassy in the USA has slightly different requirements for the package of documents for obtaining a visa.


We officially issue these documents from our own operating Cambodian Company

The full package of documents costs 300 USD, prepaid 100%

Please, we need a legible color scan of your passport and your full phone number (with international prefix number. For example, +85598228861)


For getting a Cambodian business  visa in the embassy of Cambodia you must provide the following documents:

-Full package of documents (see above)
-Completed application form
-x1 passport photo
-proof of insurance policy

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