Obtaining Cambodian business visa in 2022

1. You have to obtain a one-month Cambodian arrival business visa at Cambodian international airports or by land Immigration checkpoints.

Also, you can obtain a one-month Cambodian arrival business visa

 in any Cambodian Embassy in the world.

2. Extent your one-month Cambodian arrival business visa for 6 or 12 months.

Below, more details
about obtaining a long-term business visa in Cambodia:

You must provide the following:

1. Your Cambodian Phone Number

2. Register in the free mobile program «FPCS» (Foreigners Registration Program) via AppStore or Android and submit a similar scan of this program.

3. 1 passport photo (4×6)

4. Employee Documents

5. Work Permit

There are a few very important details about Work Permit:

If you have just arrived in Cambodia and you have a 1-month arrival visa only, you can obtain a six-month visa, a Work Permit is not mandatory.

But at the next extension of the business visa, you will pay 100 $ penalty, because you did not obtain a Work Permit.

Also, if you live in Cambodia and you haven’t a Work Permit,  you have to pay a 100 USD penalty for each year of your residence in Cambodia.

For example, you live in Cambodia since 2015 and you haven’t a Work Permit and you need to renew your business visa.

In this case, you must pay a fine of $100 for each year from 2015 to 2022, i.e. 8×100=800 USD plus the cost of the Work Permit for 2023.

The work Permit is valid for a calendar year (from January to December) and renew (new issue) from December 15.

Below is the annual business visa photo.

The visa is issued within 7-10 working days.

Also, we can provide Express Obtaining of business visa during 1-2 working days.

Our Company provides legal documents for obtaining business visas, including Work Permit.

Our office is located in Phnom Penh near the airport.


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